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The project  (born from an idea of a student) consists of the creation of a website where the user can exam the war cemeteries with photo at 360° and know the history of each soldier.
For every fallen it’s possible also to see the location of the commemorative plaque and a card with descriptive data about the role, the time,  the cause of death and other information.
A form, finally, will give the chance for authorized users to send news, pictures and documents relating to each fallen.
Such a task is reliant solely on collaborators who give freely of their time and ability to visit, record and catalogue the many hundreds of thousands of graves and monuments scattered around the world.
Relatives and/or friends of veterans could thus contribute to the creation of a real online archive available for all users of the web.
A translator would let then text be understandable by the user in all languages.
The product, as an interfaced form, could be integrated to the existing sites, and then It would be given to the leaders of Canadian and British governments’ services and their embassies in each country.
With this in mind and with the belief that ALL the graves and memorials to war dead and particularly those of the Commonwealth should be recorded for posterity, we invite all those who have any historical information about the fallen soldiers to help us in the realization of a big archive.
We believe that the above is a way to keep alive in new generations the historical memory and a way to pay a tribute to those who, at that time, gave their young lives for the freedom of people.
Whether it is an individual covering a particular cemetery or churchyard or a team of volunteers working together as a group to cover a specific area of conflict, the aim of the Project is to record and make available,information, photographs of as many war graves and memorials as possible so that there is a pictorial record of yesterday's sacrifices for tomorrow's descendants.

The students of “M.Bartolo” – Pachino (Sicily)


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